Foodservice Tips 

Battered to perfection, ready in just minutes!

Just fry and add a sauce of your choice!


How to pan fry the perfect dumpling

Getting delicious crispy brown base is all I ever wanted.. mMMmm

How to cook Hakka Noodles

Having trouble with our noodles? Check out how to cook the perfect noodle here!


How to cook Egg Noodles

Having trouble with our egg noodles? Check out how to prepare them here!


What makes a good spring roll pastry?

Learn more about spring roll pastry and how to pick a good one!


Choosing the right wonton pastry

Read up on what to look out for in a quality wonton pastry.


How to fold Wontons

There are so many ways to fold a wonton. Learn the cantonese/HK and Shanghai style here.




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