Malaysian Style Mini Popiah



10 pcs  Hakka Spring Roll pastry  (thawed overnight)
3 pcs Egg 
1.5 cup jicama (shredded) 
4 pcs shiitake Mushroom  (cooked and shredded)
10 pc lettuce (washed) 
2 stalks coriander (washed) 
3 stalks mint leaves (washed) 
1 cup carrot (shredded) 
¼ cup onion (chopped) 
6 tbsp Chopped peanut (cooked) 
¼ tsp sugar 
¼ tsp Salt 
Fried shallot
Pepper powder
Vegetable Oil
Sesame oil



1. Break an egg into a bowl. Add in some cornstarch and salt, blend well, stir fry into a thin cake. Cut to shreds, set aside.
2. Heat a pan with 1 tbsp of oil, sauté mushroom, jicama, bamboo shoots, onion and seasoning. Remove from pot and set aside.
3. Remove spring roll pastry from packaging. Cover leftover pastry with a damp towel to prevent drying. Set aside.
4. Place one pastry on the table, add lettuce, mint leaves, fillings, chopped peanut, coriander, drizzle with some sesame oil, and wrap into spring rolls. Serve with Hoisin sauce.