Convenient Meal Solutions for Time Poor Food Businesses

In today's dynamic commercial kitchen environment, working conditions are more demanding than ever with one of the major challenges being the high cost of labour. In addition to the actual labour hours, these costs also include those relating to the recruitment of new staff, workers compensation and staff training.

According to the Restaurant & Catering Association (R&CA); ‘labour costs can represent up to 30% of an organisation’s budget. In addition, a 2008 hospitality report conducted by the R&CA, Australian Hotels Association (AHA) & Better Government Association (BGA) revealed that the average staff turnover rate per year of the hospitality industry was 24%. Unfortunately, this costly figure is a reality that many restaurateurs have to face as they come to terms with the shortage of skill and labour. This challenge is further complicated by the tension caused from being time poor. The high pressure environment of a kitchen to deliver quality meals to customers’ demands, conflicts with the time required to train staff, ultimately resulting in Occupational Health and Safety issues (OHS) and an increase move towards deskilling.

This is why it is crucial for organisations to be proactive in implementing effective business strategies, in order to create a more cost-effective working environment. Organisations can begin creating a more effective, efficient and profitable kitchen by utilising the solutions offered by companies like Hakka.

As the leading Asian food manufacturer in the industry with over 30 years of experience, Hakka understands the many pressures and constraints currently being faced by today’s foodservice operators. Responding to industry needs, Hakka has developed an innovative Meal Solutions range, which offers a variety of Asian protein based meal ingredients, noodles and prepared meals, designed to take the fuss out of the kitchen while ensuring quality and consistency.

What are some of the benefits of Hakka Meal Solutions for food service businesses?

  • Convenient and hassle free (most preparation has been done for you)
  • Cost effective (save on time & labour costs)
  • Addresses deskilling in the kitchen
  • Decrease in OHS issues (elimination of labour intensive work such as slicing & dicing)
  • Versatile products with unlimited applications
  • Protein products are par-cooked retaining moisture and weight
What are the benefits of Hakka Meal Solutions for consumers?
  • Quality ingredients
  • Delicious authentic Asian flavours
  • Wholesome meals
The Hakka Meal Solutions range is also designed so that products within the range complement one another. This means that you can easily serve an authentic fried rice with battered pork and a sweet and sour sauce or Hokkien noodles with wok style beef and a teriyaki sauce.  For more information on Hakka’s entire Meal Solutions range, just click here: